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New Article in EJT on LXX, Jeremiah, Textual Plurality, and Theological Interpretation

My article, developed from a conference paper delivered several years ago, has just been published:

Benjamin D. Giffone, “Can Theological Interpretation Soften the Protestant Problem of Old Testament Textual Plurality? Jeremiah as a Test Case,” European Journal of Theology 29.2 (2020): 153–178. DOI: 10.5117/EJT2020.2.004.GIFF.

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Two Years’ Progress: Canon, LXX, and the WCF

In December 2009 I posted a piece entitled, “Hengel and Gese on the LXX.” I thought I might interact with portions of this piece in order to see if and how my thinking on the issue has changed in nearly two years… Continue reading

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International LXX Day Preparations

Next Monday, February 8, is International Septuagint Day. I’ve been trying to think of some good ways to celebrate, and I’m soliciting your suggestions. So far my ideas include: Wearing a paper-clip necklace to work comprised of 70 (or 72) … Continue reading

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Hengel and Gese on the LXX

I’ve been wrestling recently with the Protestant problem of the Septuagint. My tradition has considered the Masoretic Text and its 24 canonical books to be the Old Testament. The perception is that the LXX is a helpful translation of the … Continue reading

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Teaching in Ukraine

From March 8 to 17, I taught at Zaporozhe Bible Seminary (ZBS) in Ukraine. Continue reading

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Christology in Second Temple Judaism

This is a paper I wrote in 2009 for a seminary course on Pauline Theology, entitled, “Christology in Second Temple Judaism.” I hope it is informative, but also a bit of a window into my thinking and interests eight years … Continue reading

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Was Samuel a “Nazirite”?

In MT 1 Sam 1:11, Hannah vows to YHWH that a razor would never touch her son’s head (should YHWH give her a son). But the LXX (1 Kgdms 1:11) contains a plus: that her son would never drink wine … Continue reading

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International Septuagint Day

Happy International Septuagint Day! Continue reading

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Research and Teaching Update

News… Continue reading

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Update: Research and Teaching

A non-lucrative book deal, an offer to teach a class, and more… Continue reading

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