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Walter Williams has an excellent column this week about the ways in which the environmental movement affects politics. I care about the environment–no one wants to live with dirty air and polluted water.  But there are always costs to environmental … Continue reading

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Jer. 16:1-15

On Jeremiah 16:1-15, Keil writes, “Yet we must not fail to be sure that the prospect held out of a future deliverance of Israel from the lands into which it is soon to be scattered, and of its restoration again to … Continue reading

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Reader, Econ. Econ, meet Reader.

Why do I love economics so much?  Economics is the study of human choices, not just financial decisions, but the cost-benefit analyses that go on in your mind every second of every day.  You are choosing to read this meandering muse, … Continue reading

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Biblical Economics

As we seek a biblical model of economics, we must first examine what is perhaps the most basic idea in economics: the tension between scarcity and insatiability. Scarcity is simply the truth that all physical resources are finite. Insatiability is … Continue reading

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