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Advent Sermon: “Trading Away Our Glory” (Gen 1:26–31; 2:7; 3:1–11)

This is the audio (49:10, 38.0 MB) of a sermon preached at Center Church (EPC) of Grove City, PA, on November 27, 2022. The main texts are Genesis 1:26–31; 2:7; and 3:1–11. Continue reading

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Changes to Blogging and Media Sharing

As I have shared in the last few months, I am transitioning from serving as a professor who is involved in ministry part-time, to serving as a full-time pastor in a church. This is a huge change for me, but I’m excited to embrace this new challenge…. Continue reading

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Moving Again!

The last time I gave a significant update here was in June. That seems like an eternity ago, so it seems like a good time to share about our situation. Since we moved back from Lithuania to the US on … Continue reading

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