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Rethinking Sanctions: Putin’s Peaches

I’ve started using the expression “Putin gets his peaches” as shorthand for the unintended consequences of economic sanctions. Perhaps it will catch on, like “Bootleggers and Baptists.” You read it here first… Continue reading

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American Missionaries and Politics

Tom Wright tells his students, “One-third of what I’m telling you is wrong. The trouble is, I don’t know which third it is.” Continue reading

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December Update: Greetings from Lithuania!

Dear Friends and Family: Below you will find our monthly update for December. Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah! Be sure to write back and tell us how we can pray for you. Giffone December 2014 Update In Christ, Benj and … Continue reading

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Finished! Continue reading

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Important Questions

In the spirit of the shortest day of the year, snuggle up inside with a hot beverage of choice, and your favorite book or comedy videos, and ponder these difficult questions. Continue reading

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Links: 19 December 2014

Much in this essay resonates with my experience and current tendencies: My Journey Away from Contemporary Worship Music. A Lehrer-esque take on a Gilbert & Sullivan classic: I Am the Very Model of a Biblical Philologist. My exposure to Eastern … Continue reading

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Neologism: “Little Orphan Ibid.”

Little Orphan Ibid. [lit-l awr-fuhn ib-id]: n. 1. An occurrence of ‘Ibid.’ (ibidem, "in the same place") in a research footnote which–though incredibly cute and endearing–has lost its parent citation due to excision or rearrangement of body material. A little … Continue reading

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Creeping Darkness

As I arose on this first morning of Hanukkah, the sky was black, as usual. Sunrise was officially 9:01 in Klaipėda, and sunset will be 4:02pm. We have only four more days of decreasing sunlight in the northern hemisphere, and … Continue reading

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Why Is Plagiarism So Bad? A Comparison to Ancient Literature

Why am I as a professor so panicked about students following–for example–the authors of the New Testament in quoting without quotation marks, or alluding without footnotes? Continue reading

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Links: 12 December 2014

Gary Schnittjer’s website has many resources for learning about Scripture and its contexts. If you didn’t already know that democracy has jumped the shark, here’s proof. Chris Brady, Lamentations scholar and bereaved father, has written a very thoughtful piece: How … Continue reading

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