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Links: 30 September 2016

  Stories of refugees from the Syrian War…

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On National Symbols

“Every nation develops symbols, such as national anthems, which unite it in a common purpose. These symbols are important and can enable a nation to flourish justly and wisely, drawing on its collective experience through the centuries. The danger is that sometimes these very symbols become idols designed to glorify the nation and justify its deeds whether right or wrong, or that the symbols themselves become substitutes for reality.” Continue reading

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How Did Judas Die?

My sister recently asked: I’m reading Acts 1:18 and it says that Judas bought the Field of Blood and burst open with his entrails. I thought he hung himself! She gave me permission to share my answer…

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Links: 14 September 2016

My sister, Rebekah M. Devine, has an essay in this forthcoming edited volume published by Brill: Authoritative Texts and Reception History. In other (less important) news: Georgetown plans to apologize for its role in slavery – The Washington Post. Michael … Continue reading

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Evangelical Pope(s)

"As Nathan Hatch and Mark Noll have pointed out, one of the peculiarities of American evangelicalism is that its theological disputes are often settled in the court of popular opinion. Whereas evangelicals appeal to the ‘Bible alone’ for authority, they … Continue reading

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Was Samuel a “Nazirite”?

In MT 1 Sam 1:11, Hannah vows to YHWH that a razor would never touch her son’s head (should YHWH give her a son). But the LXX (1 Kgdms 1:11) contains a plus: that her son would never drink wine … Continue reading

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By Royal Mail from the UK Today…

Available October 20. Pre-order your copy now!

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Source Criticism as Interpretive Crutch

“The point is not whether 1 Sam 31 and 2 Sam 1 originate from one source or two, but that this line of inquiry does not help us to understand the story. For regardless of its origin, the material has … Continue reading

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