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Sunny SD

Stardate Monday: Greetings from southern California. Corrie and I are spending the week visiting relatives. Today we visited the world-famous Coronado Hotel right on the Pacific Ocean. For a Jersey boy, it’s a treat to see the sunset over the … Continue reading

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The No Longer

My band, The No Longer, will be playing in Souderton on January 2. Here’s the flyer for the event. I hope you’ll get a chance to come out and ring in January 3 with us!

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Time to Breathe–A Little

Now that I’ve finished my master’s degree and submitted about half of my doctoral applications, I have some time to relax and read for pleasure―and to blog a little. This is really the first time in a while that I … Continue reading

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Quotation from Richard Rorty

Gary Schnittjer shared this in class on Tuesday, and I found it very interesting: “It seems to me that the regulative idea that we heirs of the Enlightenment, we Socratists, most frequently use to criticize the conduct of various conversational … Continue reading

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I submitted my last paper at 10pm last night for the semester. I will be graduated Saturday with my master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Philadelphia Biblical University. Woohoo! Being done is a real high. I didn’t have such an … Continue reading

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Hengel and Gese on the LXX

I’ve been wrestling recently with the Protestant problem of the Septuagint. My tradition has considered the Masoretic Text and its 24 canonical books to be the Old Testament. The perception is that the LXX is a helpful translation of the … Continue reading

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