Striving with Humans Forever

My sister has been posting chapters from her book, A Wandering God Was My Father. Check out her site, and share with friends if you enjoy it! Here’s a brilliant excerpt from her latest chapter:

As the god watched Hagar trembling by the spring, he felt spasms in his own fingers and legs, and his gut began to match the tumult in Hagar’s pregnant belly. This was his lot now, ever since the humans he had made from dirt and wind had turned their faces from him. The moment his breath had filled their clay lungs and turned them into flesh, a thread between their organic bodies and his own pneumatic being formed. He felt every pulse, each tremor riddling the human body. When he’d cursed humans with toil and pain in childbearing, he had known that every day after, he would be sweating and writhing and toiling along with them, his spirit striving with humans forever.

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Links: 23 August 2016

The One Speech That Could Turn Donald Trump From Villain To Hero.

The Aetna Mugging – WSJ. “As ObamaCare implodes, Democrats blame insurers, the Wall Street Journal writes in an editorial.”

Get Out of Gun Control, Apple – The New York Times. A fascinating look at politics, semeiotics, and squirt guns.

Intellectuals are Freaks | The Smart Set.

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OK, Everyone, Time to Pull Up Your Tithing App…

I was at a birthday party for one of my son’s friends last week, and got into an interesting conversation about tithing. One of the moms explained that her church has provided a giving page on its website for tithing, and also provided a direct-deposit option for recurring giving. She also described a church in a more hip area that appeals to “the younger folks” by inviting folks to whip out their phones and give via app during the service while the traditional pass-the-plate offering is being held. Continue reading

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Links: 11 August 2016

Solutions — Campaign Zero. All very important policy prescriptions for reducing violence and tensions between police and communities of color. In the same vein: Everyone Is Talking About This Photo From the Protests in Baton Rouge | TIME

Voting Isn’t A Civic Duty, It’s The Worst Team Sport

“Recycling costs money, harms the environment, and uses the one resource — time — that is truly non-renewable. But it gives folks a way to show publicly how much they love the Earth. That’s fine, but making landfill-worship mandatory violates the separation of church and state.” Michael C. Munger: The recycling-industrial complex | North State Journal

‘The Bachelor’ Shows Arranged Marriages Aren’t Over

Evangelical Advantages by Mark A. Noll | Articles | First Things

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The Theology of Genealogy

“Although moderns tend to regard genealogy as a type of science—a cataloging of people according to precise biological relationships—it can also function as social science, or even as art. Biblical genealogies do not simply assemble real or purported facts. They interpret the world. And in Genesis they provide a framework essential for understanding the whole of the book and everything that comes after” (43).

Mbuvi, Amanda Beckenstein. Belonging in Genesis: Biblical Israel and the Politics of Identity Formation. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2016.

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What’s Up

It’s been about nine weeks since my last update, and almost as long since the last substantial post here at THTW–though I have been sharing links and quotations here and there. June and July were quite busy, and August promises to continue the trend. Continue reading

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How John Roberts Begat Donald Trump

Roberts essentially told would-be Trumpistas not to bother the courts with important issues, that if you want to beat Obama you have to get your own strongman—complete with pen, phone, and contempt for the Constitution. So they did, bypassing several flavors of constitutional conservative in favor of a populism that knows nothing but “winning.”

Source: How John Roberts Begat Donald Trump

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George Mason on Democracy

“It would be as unnatural to refer the choice of a proper character for chief magistrate to the people, as it would, to refer a trial of colours to a blind man.”

Quoted in F.H. Buckley, The Once and Future King, 36.

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Links: 8 July 2016


Think hard, and think well, folks… Continue reading

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Why Should We Restrict Immigration?

“Consider the following thought experiment: Moved by the plight of desperate earthquake victims, you volunteer to work as a relief worker in Haiti. After two weeks, you’re ready to go home. Unfortunately, when you arrive at the airport, customs officials tell you that you’re forbidden to enter the United States. You go to the American consulate to demand an explanation. But the official response is simply, ‘The United States does not have to explain itself to you.’ Continue reading

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