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How Academic Research Supports Mission

Just about every December for the last few years, I have looked back over the paucity of blog activity in the calendar year, made some sort of apology to my audience (however wide or narrow it–or you–may be), and reflected on how very blessed I am as a professor to have so many outlets for creativity and thoughtful engagement. This year, nearly every post pertained to a sermon, a talk, or an academic publication. The one that did not–besides this one–hearkened back to earlier days when I would often share quotations from books that I was reading which were stimulating but too far above my level of full comprehension. (I’m much too busy and too prideful to do that, now–what would my students think if they realized I don’t understand everything I read?!) Continue reading

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Sermon: Aukštas Bokštas (Tall Tower)

This is the audio (37:44, 51.2 MB) of a sermon preached at our Lithuania home church, Klaipėda Free Christian Church, on December 8. The sermon is titled, “Aukštas Bokštas,” and the main text is Genesis 11:1–9, the story of the Tower of Babylon.  Continue reading

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New Article in OTE

My article, based on last year’s presentation at the international meeting of the SBL (Helsinki, 2018), has just been published in OTE:

“‘Israel’s’ Only Son? The Complexity of Benjaminite Identity Between Judah and Joseph,” Old Testament Essays 32.3 (2019): 956–972. Continue reading

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