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Unorganized Reactions to Brexit

“Brexit” is just a terrible word.

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Why Was It OK?

Gotta love Google.

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Sermon: “What Gain Is There?”

A sermon delivered at Preakness Valley United Reformed Church on June 19 entitled, “Toil Under the Sun: What Gain Is There?” Continue reading

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Links: 17 June 2016

The politics of tragedy, the tragedy of politics, and more.

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How to Carmelize This Onion?

Why doesn’t the Deuteronomist disapprove of Elijah’s sacrifice at Carmel during his showdown with the prophets of Ba`al in 1 Kings 18? Isn’t the Jerusalem temple the only legitimate site for sacrifice? Depends on your perspective… Continue reading

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The Myth of “The Will of the Majority”

When democracies must choose only one option of three or more, they can be radically indeterminate. Setting the agenda is tantamount to choosing the outcome–tyranny with the veneer of democracy. Continue reading

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“She’erit”: The communities of Judahites left in the land after the three waves of deportation to Babylon from 598 to 582 BCE. Continue reading

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England, America, Israel, and…Judah

Why did the survivors of the Kingdom of Judah (golah, she’erit, Diaspora, returnees) in the sixth century CE adopt/appropriate/retain the identity “Israel,” even though the two polities had not been united under the same monarch since the tenth century? Continue reading

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[refer to title of post] Continue reading

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Links: 2 June 2016

Mostly literary this week… Continue reading

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