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Mark 10: Nice Guys Finish Last?

“Nice Guys Finish Last?” is a sermon I preached at Preakness Valley United Reformed Church in Wayne, NJ, in October 2010. The text is Mark 10:35-45. Here is the MP3 audio (28:18, 26MB), and an excerpt: We have a choice … Continue reading

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If I Wanted To Be Sexually Harassed, I Would Have Gone to the Airport

Some thoughts for those of us traveling during the holidays… I think most people are concerned about the full-body scans and invasive pat-downs that are now required at airports. Here’s some information, and more here. As I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading

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Torrents (Two-rants)

On November 17, 1968, NBC made a crucial programming mistake that altered the course of entertainment history. With 65 second left in the AFL game between the Jets and the Raiders, NBC abandoned its coverage and went to its scheduled … Continue reading

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“The Art of the Conference Paper”

As I’m working on some papers for the spring conferences, I found that Alessandro Angelini at InsideHigherEd has written a wonderful guide for graduate students looking to make a good academic presentation. Here’s a particularly catchy excerpt: Graduate students especially, … Continue reading

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Review: Amazon Kindle (Updated)

About 6 weeks ago I received a free Kindle as part of a credit-card offer. I’m not usually in the habit of signing up for credit cards to save a few bucks, but this offer looked excellent: a free Kindle … Continue reading

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Bible Versions

Today I was browsing the website of the King James Bible Trust. Apparently Richard Dawkins has given his support to next year’s quadricentennial celebration of arguably the most influential book in English: “Not to know the King James Bible is … Continue reading

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Is Obama a Keynesian?

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“Keep Home the Vote” campaign

If you are an American registered to vote, I have one plea for you this First Tuesday After the First Monday in November: Stay home. Yes, that’s right–stay home, and don’t vote. If you are uninformed or ambivalent about politics, … Continue reading

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Back on the radar: My Stories, Part IV

To all six of you who read this regularly (love you, Mom!), I apologize for the recent poverty of posts. Between October 10 and October 30, I preached three Sunday sermons, taught a week-long class on Numbers and Deuteronomy in … Continue reading

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