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Review of Biblical Literature: Josef Forsling, “Composite Artistry in the Book of Numbers”

My review of Josef Forsling’s Composite Artistry in the Book of Numbers: A Study in Biblical Narrative Conventions, has been recently published in the Review of Biblical Literature. Continue reading

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May Update: Greetings from Perkasie!

Dear Friends and Family: Below you will find our monthly update for May. Be sure to write back and tell us how we can pray for you. Giffone May 2015 Update In Christ, Benj and Corrie Giffone (for Daniel and … Continue reading

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Walton and Sandy on “Inerrancy”

“Inerrancy is no longer the clear, defining term it once was. Its semantic qualities have made it a strong and useful descriptor, but some have also found it almost infinitely pliable, even though extensive attempts have been made to define it….” Continue reading

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What Can We Learn from Job’s Friends?

How do we understand the speeches of Job’s friends? In isolation, they seem to contain good wisdom theology, but they are juxtaposed with Job’s valid objections for which we also must account… Continue reading

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Thoughts on Canon

Some undigested thoughts in response to the conference at the University of Edinburgh entitled, “Power, Authority and Canon.” Continue reading

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Quick Giffone Update: Preaching, Travel, and Conference

First year in the can… Continue reading

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