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Presentation on November 4

My sister, Rebekah–formerly of ThinkHardThinkWell, now at The Primary Word–will present a summary of her Honors Thesis at Philadelphia Biblical University on Wednesday, November 4.  The lecture is entitled, “YHWH’s Cult Statues: ‘Image of God’ in an Ancient Near Eastern … Continue reading

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Facebook officially gone (again)

I have gotten rid of my Facebook account yet again.  I’m hoping it stays gone this time.  I ditched it a while back because I was spending too much time on it.  The main reason I reactivated my account was … Continue reading

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Article: Vatican Plans to Incorporate Anglicans

As a Reformed person, I’m sympathetic to the reforming or sectarian movements in the Anglican Communion. I was encouraged by the formation of the Anglican Church in North America. So, this article came as a surprise: "Pope Sets Plan for … Continue reading

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An Israelite Enthronement Festival?

This is completely premature.  But hey, that’s what blogs are for–saying something before you’ve thought it through–right? As we passed the Jewish High Holy Days over the last few weeks, a couple of things I read and heard in class … Continue reading

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Second Amendment

“You think that’s clear enough?” “Of course, everyone has the right to hang a pair of bear arms … on their wall; what could be vague about that?” “I guess it’s OK.  But before we send it to the printer, … Continue reading

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John Walton: “The Lost World of Genesis One”

Now that everyone (Art, Andrew, others) has said their piece on John Walton’s book, it’s my turn to gather their crumbs and weigh in. The main thesis of Walton’s book is his frequent refrain: Genesis 1 concerns functional ontology, not … Continue reading

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Home base

I may have mentioned this previously, but my parents just sold the house last month. Ever since my parents told us they were separating two years ago, I’ve known this day would come, but it’s finally here. My dad has … Continue reading

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