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Proposition 14

Next Tuesday, Californians will vote on Proposition 14, a ballot initiative designed to restructure the electoral process in the country’s largest state. The essence of Prop 14 is to eliminate party primaries by 1) opening up the primaries to registrants … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding and Pirates

With so much information available to the public, the ability to sort out fact and fiction and to discern relevant and irrelevant facts is more important than ever. A good example is the difference between causation and correlation. This week … Continue reading

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Football in Dubai

Now that New Jersey has been awarded the Big Game® for 2014, in theory other cold-weather venues might be in play in the future. This morning, Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio were discussing the possibility of an overseas Super … Continue reading

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Eugæphorist, eugephorist (yu-JEE-for-ist) – n. One who distributes and promulgates Good Earth tea. (Gr ευγηφερειν: ευ- "good," γη "earth," φερειν "to carry, bear") "I have been profligately eugæphorizing in the office, distributing tea bags to passersby."

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Taking up the Cross?

My friend and coworker, Gordon, recently sent me this e-mail: Have I ever expressed to you how much I can’t stand the little jingle for [local Christian radio station]’s Bible teaching hour at 1pm? It contains the line "So take the … Continue reading

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Gratitudinal Longitude

I appreciated all your encouraging/empathetic comments last week when I needed them most. I have quite a few things for which to be thankful. A Messiah who loved me and gave himself for me A wonderful wife who supports me … Continue reading

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Disappointment and Control

Right now, I’m struggling through what used to be my annual, but now is now my monthly, disappointment with my options and frustration in my current situation. It’s not a secret. My boss knows and understands. I’ve been in my … Continue reading

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UK Elections and the Futility of Voting

As something of a recovering political junkie, I’ve followed the electoral process of the United Kingdom with amusement. My friends from across the pond tell me that the Brits tend to take a more cynical perspective on politics than we … Continue reading

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It’s a Wrap!

This morning my good friend, Conor, and I will finish off our second team-taught high-school Sunday school. We followed up the fall semester’s highly successful (but R-rated!) series, "The Sins of the Old Testament Saints," with this spring’s critically acclaimed, … Continue reading

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Thomas Turner has a particularly insightful post today on Pentecost, over at Everyday Liturgy. Here’s an excerpt: We often forget that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ. This being so, when we are filled with the Spirit we … Continue reading

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