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Links: 12 January 2016

‘The tendency of religious pluralists is to flatten out the distinctives of each religion and try to compress them onto a procrustean bed of universal religion rather than allow them to articulate their own God, in their own grammar, narrative, diversity, and history. The greatest respect we can pay to the adherents of other faiths is not to tell them who their God is – “Your God is just like ours but with a few funny quirks,” which sounds terribly condescending – but to allow them to speak of their own God as their God without turning him/her/it/them into an avatar of one’s own God. Respect for “others” is not about denying the differences, but respecting those differences as what makes someone else’s faith precious to them.’ Continue reading

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Not Just Treading Water

There is fruit along the way. The fruit may come in small, airplane-sized cups. It may be fruit salad that’s mostly honeydew. (Honestly–who likes honeydew, anyway?) But it’s still fruit. Continue reading

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Best of 2015

Happy New Year! You’ve been waiting with bated breath: here are the nominees for the best posts of 2015. Choose Your Heresies Carefully For All the Nations I Love Ruining Bible Verses Microcredit, “Borrowing-to-Save,” and Social Norms Thoughts on Canon … Continue reading

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