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On In-Person Worship, Civil Authorities, and Christian Freedom

I’ve prepared an essay entitled, “Technologising of Worship Before and During Pandemic: Epistemology, Eschatology, and Presence,” which is under review with a journal. However, I wanted to share portions of it here before publication, for the benefit of anyone who might be interested. In his excerpt, I argue that Romans 13 and 1 Corinthians 8 cannot be used to justify Christian leaders’ acceptance of government orders to cease in-person worship, even during a pandemic. Continue reading

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New Article in EJT on LXX, Jeremiah, Textual Plurality, and Theological Interpretation

My article, developed from a conference paper delivered several years ago, has just been published:

Benjamin D. Giffone, “Can Theological Interpretation Soften the Protestant Problem of Old Testament Textual Plurality? Jeremiah as a Test Case,” European Journal of Theology 29.2 (2020): 153–178. DOI: 10.5117/EJT2020.2.004.GIFF.

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