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Christology in Second Temple Judaism

This is a paper I wrote in 2009 for a seminary course on Pauline Theology, entitled, “Christology in Second Temple Judaism.” I hope it is informative, but also a bit of a window into my thinking and interests eight years … Continue reading

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Allen on “Theological Babel”

“The great spiritual theologians such a Evagrius of Pontus, Gregory of Nyssa and Maximus the Confessor are ignored by most theologians and pastors. Have we utterly lost them, and many others, because of the rise in modern times of a … Continue reading

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Papers from Seminary

I was rummaging (metaphorically) through my archives, and discovered some papers I wrote back in seminary. It is both humbling and fascinating to see what was of interest to me at that time.

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Review, “Belonging in Genesis”

My review of Amanda Beckenstein Mbuvi’s “Belonging in Genesis” has been published in the Review of Biblical Literature. Continue reading

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Links: 15 February 2017

Refugees and plastic bags… Continue reading

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