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Maundy Thursday Devotional: Lovely Feet

But, why the feet, Peter asks? Why not wash the whole of me? As I was mulling this over, some examples from the Old Testament came to mind (as they often do for me!)—there are places that describe cleansing one part of the body as symbolic or sufficient for cleansing (or consecrating) the whole person…. Continue reading

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Sermon: Sage Gibson on Mark 5:25-34

This is the audio (30:08, 26.9 MB) of a sermon preached at Klaipėda Free Christian Church, on April 3, 2022, by one of my students, Sage Gibson. The main text is Mark 5:25-34. Sage completed a course on the Book … Continue reading

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Sermon: “Hide the Fugitives!” (Isaiah 15:8–16:5)

The church is Jesus’s household, his kingdom on earth. We should absolutely be a place of refuge for refugees and those fleeing for their lives—just as the Davidic kings of ancient Judah could be a safe place for Moabites and others from all over the world. Continue reading

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Sermon: No Dry Trees

The gospel, the good news for all of us, is that we serve a “single” Savior! Jesus never married a human woman, never had biological children. Yet according to Isaiah 53:10, as a reward for his perfect obedience, his Father gave him “many offspring,” and “prolonged his days”! Jesus showed us that the lasting impact of God’s work in our lives is not that we have biological children, but that we would have many spiritual sons and daughters—people whom we have invited into God’s family by faith, and discipled. Continue reading

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