2022: Inscribe It in a Book

Inscribe It in a Book: Scribal Practice, Cultural Memory, and the Making of the Hebrew Scriptures. Edited by Johannes Unsok Ro and Benjamin D. Giffone. FAT II/139. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2022.


The subfield of orality and scribal culture within Hebrew Bible studies is leading to gradual shifts in the field, and the nuancing or displacement of entrenched ideas and approaches. The theoretical and empirical essays in this volume contribute to the ongoing conversation within biblical and cognate studies concerning the scribal processes that produced biblical texts. The topics in this volume include scribal education and scribal culture, including comparative studies; the interaction between scribal texts and cultural or collective memory within an oral culture; the overlap and intersections of the roles “prophet,” “priest,” and “scribe” in ancient Israel and beyond; and descriptions of writing and scribal process within biblical texts themselves.


Peter Altmann, Daniel Bodi, Johanna Erzberger, Lisbeth S. Fried, Benjamin D. Giffone, Jin H. Han, Benjamin Kilchör, JiSeong James Kwon, Woo Min Lee, Edward J. Mills III, Roger S. Nam, Sungwoo Park, William R. Stewart, Johannes Unsok Ro, Kristin Weingart, Benjamin Ziemer.

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