Tea signals

I love my drinks–hot, cold, hard, soft. When we went to Europe last year, we spent more money on drinks than on food–wines, ales, whiskey, cappuccino, etc. When it comes to hot drinks, I definitely consider myself to be more of a coffee person, but I enjoy teas as well.

I got hooked on coffee in college, and my addiction reached its nadir during my employment by Fourbucks Coffee Co. Two years ago my wife and I decided to kick the caffeine habit; we switched to two-thirds-caffeinated coffee in the morning, then a week later to one-third-caf–and then finally, we were down to decaf. We now life the happy, liberated life: able to drink coffee (or not drink it) whenever we like without regard to headaches, energy levels or sleeping patterns. Our health has improved, and I lost some weight and slept better.

Along with my growing coffee snobbery (freshly ground every morning in the French press), I noticed a disturbing pattern in my hot beverage consumption at work The coffee and teas at the office are terrible, and so the only option is hot chocolate, which has a ton of sugar. Searching for a low-calorie option, I remembered a certain herbal tea from my childhood: Good Earth Original. It’s a sweet and spicy blend, with chamomile as the strongest ingredient. Unable to find it at my grocery store, I purchased six boxes on Amazon for a great price.

When it arrived, I put the kettle on and eagerly tore off the (hassle-free) packaging. The sweet smells brought me back to afternoons and evenings at my childhood home on Broad Street, chatting with my mom and my friends. It was a way of holding onto something I had lost; smell is the sense most strongly tied to emotional memory–that’s what the deodorant commercials say, anyway….

When we had some friends over last Sunday, Melea really enjoyed Good Earth, so I gave her a box. She shared some with her friends at school, and I have been spreading it around work, so maybe we’re starting a tea-volution! (I know, that was cornier than the latest sugar tariff bill to pass in Congress.) It’s immensely satisfying to share an enjoyable treat with people you care about.

About Benj

I’m a native North Jerseyan, transplanted to Pennsylvania...lived and taught in Eastern Europe for six years…Old Testament professor, ordained minister, occasional liturgist…husband to Corrie…father to Daniel and Elizabeth.
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