Sermon: “Falling Into YHWH’s Hand”

This is the audio (27:46, 31.7MB) of a sermon delivered at Lansdale Presbyterian Church on August 25 entitled, “Falling Into YHWH’s Hand.” The text is 1 Chronicles 21:1-22:1.

Here is an excerpt:

The Chronicler, reflecting on these events that occurred 600 years before his own time, sees clearly that YHWH’s plan all along was to use this sin of David as the catalyst for the building of the great temple—a temple where YHWH could live among his people, a temple where they could confess their sins (just as David did) and be forgiven.

Audio and text: ©2013 by Benjamin D. Giffone. Reproduction and distribution are permitted, providing that the author is properly credited and that no fee is charged.

About Benj

I’m a native North Jerseyan, transplanted to Pennsylvania...lived and taught in Eastern Europe for six years…Old Testament professor, ordained minister, occasional liturgist…husband to Corrie…father to Daniel and Elizabeth.
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