Links: 21 October 2016

George Will: Donald Trump is the GOP’s chemotherapy. “Trump is a marvelously efficient acid bath, stripping away his supporters’ surfaces, exposing their skeletal essences.” Which is he–chemo, or acid bath?

N. T. Wright: The Church Continues the Revolution Jesus Started… | Christianity Today.

Evangelicals, Heresy, and Scripture Alone | Mathew Block | First Things. “Two years after a study found most Evangelicals hold views condemned as heretical—especially on the Holy Spirit—an update has been released. And the numbers are in some ways even worse. So who—or what—is to blame?”

How Curt Flood Changed Baseball and Killed His Career in the Process – The Atlantic.

A very interesting trend: Baseball managers finally making sabermetrically-sensible use of their bullpens. Dave Roberts pulled the right strings using Kenley Jansen in 7th, Clayton Kershaw in 9th – HardballTalk.

Why Baseball Revived A 60-Year-Old Strategy Designed To Stop Ted Williams | FiveThirtyEight.

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I’m a native North Jerseyan, transplanted to Pennsylvania...lived and taught in Eastern Europe for six years…Old Testament professor, ordained minister, occasional liturgist…husband to Corrie…father to Daniel and Elizabeth.
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