Links: 23 November 2016

Election aftermath–thoughts on race, class, and what Trump’s election really means:

The Case Against Democracy – The New Yorker

The Electoral College Was Meant to Stop Men Like Trump From Being President – The Atlantic.

Meet Johannesburg’s New Libertarian Mayor –

Trade, technology, recreation:

Florida County Votes to Release Millions of Zika-Fighting Mosquitos | WIRED.

Russ Roberts channels Leonard Read: “Wonder, Bread”.

Are Computers Draining The Beauty Out Of Chess? | FiveThirtyEight

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I’m a native North Jerseyan, living and learning in Eastern Europe…Old Testament professor, ordained minister, occasional liturgist…husband to Corrie…father to Daniel and Elizabeth…eldest sibling to three…uncle to Marshall, Leeland and Isaac...son-in-law to Claudia.
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