About the Name

When I was a teenager, I attended a Christian philosophy/apologetics/theology/evangelism camp called Worldview Academy. I credit WVA with setting me on track to be a thoughtful Christian. If you have or are a teenager, I would recommend WVA summer camps–they are fun, even though they will try to convince you that “joy,” not “fun,” is the goal.

Anyway, the slogan of Worldview Academy for a very long time was, “Think hard, think well.” They now use the slogan, “Find your reason.” I like to believe that my reservation of the thinkhardthinkwell.com domain years ago led to the slogan change–perhaps the only lasting legacy of this blog…

2 Responses to About the Name

  1. you must have inherited all the qualities you possess from your Paternal Grandpa; a man who loves you more than life itself.

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